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July 11, 2022

SaasRock v0.4.0 - Events and Webhooks

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SaasRock v0.4.0 - Events and Webhooks

Use the Events to log essential data and use Webhooks to customize your business logic within internal or external webhooks.

SaasRock has a new EPIC feature on the latest release: Events ⚡ Webhooks.

Every event:

  • Is something important that happened within your SaaS.
  • Is called inside a Remix action.
  • Has a DTO for TypeScript support.
  • Can call 0, 1 or more Webhook Endpoints (internal or external).

Use cases:

  • Custom business logic when something happens.
  • Call a Webhooks by Zapier.

Events and Webhooks Admin UI:

Events table with filters, pagination and interactive event rows:

Events Table

Event details with Webhook Attempts requests and responses:

Event Details Route

Click here to watch the full demo.

SaasRock Core 🪨:

  • 5 Application events + Internal Webhooks.
  • /admin/events route with permissions (Super Admin, Auditor, - Developer).
  • Engine ready → Highly customizable.
  • Subscribe to SaasRock to get this release.

SaasRock Enterprise 🚀:

  • 40 Application events
  • Custom Webhook endpoints
  • Retry Webhook attempt
  • ?? Admin events (upcoming)
  • /app/:tenant/settings/events route with permissions

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